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Posted by Klynton on Oct 30, 2007 - 03:58 PM

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Does searching for car insurance drive you crazy?.... Well no, but I do find it tediously dull.

Yes that's right, car hunting time. Having spent far too long looking at different insurance rates / companies for various cars I'm almost ready to shell out the cash on a car.

My problem has always been a complete indifference to cars. What make / model / engine size / etc are largely irrelevant issues, just having a car is the end goal. Which admittedly makes it very easy to ensure is the eventual outcome....

..... So which type?

Vauxall Corsa seems the best price to insurance car at the moment, and are very cheap to purchase.

Stereotype kid's car I know, but that just means more chance of being able to get the racing stripes and pointless illegal blue lights under the wheels.... right?

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