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Posted by Klynton on Feb 08, 2010 - 07:15 PM

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So it's been a few months what has Klynton been up to?

Well towards the beginning of January I went down to London to help showcase our new software at the BETT Show (British Education and Teacher Training).

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We spent 4 days showing numerous schools and colleges our software, what we have planned for the future and seeing other companies products and 'future technologies' (the 3D telly was great).

One fantastic thing was that Microsoft were in the stand next to us and showed of our software as well (as we're using MS Silverlight for the front-end). Was amazing to see them give a demonstration to hundreds of people through the 4 days.

We stayed in the Hilton, which was nice, however not quite as fancy as the Hilton Collinson and I stayed in when we went to Prague a couple years back (only 3 types of Tea in the room). Still it had a nice bar and was literally a 1 minute walk from the exibition hall.

Also had great fun going out to numerous restaurants and clubs (Penthouse, The Embassy, etc).

Probably get a couple photos up at some point but for now here's the official video of the event:

BETT 2010 Video [4]

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