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Articles: Windows 8 / Server 2012

Posted by Klynton on Feb 21, 2013 - 10:28 PM


I'm still waiting for the first person to tell me how all their servers have touchscreen monitors.

MS certainly appear to believe this is the standard given it's the default.... *sorry* only UI available.

Using it in Windows 8 is bad enough, but at least you can understand why it's there (MS have been smoking the same stuff they had back in the 90s when they last tried to force 'active desktop' on us).

I'll happily hold my hands up as it looks great for a tablet, but on a desktop it's just bad (especially from a UI standards perspective). The 'tiles' barely change on mouseover, presumably because they spent very little Dev time making it work for non touch UI. Consequently it can be hard to see which tile is in focus.

The Random Commands: Everytime I watch another rant about Windows 8 on Youtube I learn another new undocumented command. So you've clicked on settings in the 'definitely not called Metro' (MS: We never called it that, every person in the world just randomly decided to call it that ) UI, it opens and you want to close it.

Look for a close icon - None.

Move mouse around screen - Nothing appears.

Press Escape - Nothing.

To close it you grab the top middle of the screen drag it to one side then drag it to the bottom of the screen where there is an 'invisible trashcan'..... makes perfect sense... right?.... Guys?

But then you try the UI in a server environment and just want to scream (and probably will).

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