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Subliminal Messaging

The Manchester 2002 Commonwealth games. You may be forgiven for not knowing that it starts in under 29 days, and the reason you won't know it starts is because of the British governments secret underhand advertising. Here in Manchester we have not been able to go for half a day without something on the local news report. But elsewhere in the United Kingdom there has been little, or more often no advertising. The organisers of the games tried desperately to get the message to rest of the population, but even the Commonwealth games baton relay tour all over the UK was covered up by southern newspapers and national news, reported as the Queens Golden Jubilee Baton Relay!

But no it doesn't stop here, Klynton.com have discovered the governments true plan to plant subliminal messages into the populace of Britain, to fool them, make them buy tickets without their knowing it. We discovered this coin being distributed throughout the UK.

{short description of image}

It is now clear what the objective was, to get people to use this coin, then whenever they went to buy something using 2 coins they would think about the Commonwealth games. This could have been enough to make the weak minded buy tickets to the games.

We tested this by conducting our own experiments:

We took 6 of these coins out with us shopping in (for the protection of the city we will now refer to the major British City as Blerg!) Blerg! We also took 8 pieces of paper with "Manchester Commonwealth Games 2002"; written on in pink biro. In the first shop we went in we bought a 3.50 wedge of cheese (blue), using two of the coins we paid for the goods, then after leaving we waited for the person behind us in the queue. On just spinning an ordinary two pound coin on my finger I was able to dupe him into paying for all 8 of the tickets. We immediately gave him back his money and told him what had just happened. He then agreed to an interview and allowed us to use him on this information web-page.

Name: Peter Makepeace

Age: 19

Occupation: Aeronautical Engineer (Trainee)

Below is the interview:

Are you angry that we were just able to convince you to buy these obviously fake tickets using nothing more than this coin (2 coin)?

Yes. I am. I can't believe that I feel for such a sly trick, how the government could do such a thing amazes me. Why would they do it?

Can you remeber seeing one of these before (we show him the "special" subliminal 2 coin)?

Er... Maybe. Probably. Yeah.

When do the commonwealth games start?

I have no idea.

Would you like to buy these tickets for 20 each?

Yes, hold on a minute.

Again we explained what had happened......

This is going on all over the UK and only with your support can we stop it! Please help us help you.

Is this happening near you, or are you also concerned about this new "method" of advertising? Then send an email to klynton@klynton.com


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