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The Daemonic Mouse!

It started so innocently. A broken mouse, or a virus.... I didn't really mind, it could easily be discarded and replaced, but what I didn't know was that this mouse was not broken. No simple wearing out of hardware had occured but rather it had been possessed by the foul 'Daemon of non-gaming'! As I recall from my diary it was a day like any other.

"Also on a more sinister note, my mouse has been taken over by a foul daemon intent on stopping me from playing any games. His names Steve. Makes the whole computer go crazy when you move, never mind click. Fortunately being a proper nerd I had three mice plugged into the computer at the time. But means my gaming mouse will have to be replced. So stuck with the shit wireless one for moment. "

I just through it over onto the other side of my desk, discarded like a pair of soiled pants. But later that night it struck out for freedom, and the chance to taste my blood. Where has it gone? And when will it return for me?............


So I go down this morning and what should I find in the mouse-trap but my old mouse thats currently possessed by a Daemon. I wasn't all that surprised of course as I had noticed it's absence from my desk a few days ago. I just assumed it had gone off to terrorise some other house hold. But alas no, it seems it has been running around downstairs, probably trying to get the real mice to help it to overthrow us and become the dominant species in this house. Therefore effective immediately I have instigated a zero tollerance policy on mice. All mice are to by chained to desks so as to stop a repeat of this fiasco. Hopefully our small sacrifice will save other houses from being over run by the evil mouse of doom!

I will have to make some secure holding cell for it, to stop this from reoccuring. The fate of the world could depend upon it.


Bad news I'm afraid everyone. The Daemon mouse has one again escaped. I thought I has found the perfect guards. Well everyone knows Jedi Knights are the best 'guardians of peace and justice' in the universe, so I thought a Jedi Knight, Sith Lord, and the best Bounty Hunter would be the perfect guards. However I forgot about the game system I recently set up for them (Gauntlet - Best game ever), and as the picture shows they neglected their duties preferring to play games instead! What kind of person does that? *ahem*. Anyway the search is one again on, for the ellusive Daemon mouse, hopefully the traps will catch it once more, but having learnt from it's mistakes last time I doubt it. So far there is no news and everyone in the mouse is on edge..........


The Daemon mouse struck again. Last night I was downstairs playing drinking games with people and generally minding my own business, when suddenyl I heard a foul cry. A noise coming from the depths of the abyss. I turned round a look of horror on my face, and there it sat. Taunting, grinning, it had one of the failed competitors of our drinking game in a compromising embrace. His hands held fast by it's deadly grip. I conversed with it, crying out 'Why? Why this place? Why this time?' It merely laughed, and said if I did not release it's brethren it would kill one of ours. A mouse stuck in one of the traps downstairs. I tried to make a grab at the Daemon Mouse, but it shifted it's grip around his throat, and threatened me onece more. I was a unfortunate pawn forced to do his bidding, and once I had he left with his new found army............


On a more sinister note the daemon mouse seems to have followed me back to my parents house. I caught a brief glance of him as I was going out a few nights ago. I have no idea what he's planning at the moment, but after the last stunt where he threatened to kill one of the people in our house, it's not going to be a pleasant meeting. I've set up a camera to try and catch him in the act, maybe then the police will take me seriously and stage a seige......